79 percent say all Americans should pay federal income taxes

Fox news reported that majority of Americans agree to pay federal income tax, though it may be as little as 2 percent of their earnings. According to a Fox news poll released on Thursday, 19 percent of Americans have agreed that they should pay something for federal income tax. Among these voters who favored the federal income tax, 71 percent are Democrats, 83 percent are Independents and 85 percent are Republicans.

IRS announced that 41 percent of the tax fliers didn’t pay the federal income tax last year. It was estimated by Tax Policy Center that non-payers percentage will be increased to 46 percent next year. Most of the voters are those who have come across Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s broadcast video where he remarked that about “47 percent of Americans” don’t pay federal income tax. During presidential campaigns, Mitt Romney also commented that USA is becoming an entitled society and most are dependent on the government. Still 63 percent of Americans think that what Mr Romney said has certain truth in it.

On average, three out of four voters believe that Americans are somewhat dependent on the government. About 46 percent of the voters think that federal government is doing too much nowadays. Only 22 percent of Americans thinks that federal government is doing only a little. The online poll has divided the citizens between federal income tax payers. These voters were all registered voters who also voted for the U.S presidential election.