A gloomy outlook

With the fiscal cliff looming tax hikes on the wealthy are becoming more and more popular. One by one the Republican rank and file cower to the might hand of the popular vote until tax hikes on the wealthy become a reality. But what happens next?
Tax hikes will take into effect on the wealthiest of Americans and as a result they will no longer be interested in making money. They will sell all of their goods and assets and give up their wine and caviar. Their fancy cars, houses, and boats will be sold for pennies on the dollar to avoid paying any more taxes. The servants, errand boys, pool boys, and yes men of the wealthy will find themselves unemployed. All of the brands that you love will no longer be produced because taxes are too high for the wealthy to want to become independently wealthy. The once elite will now fall into the ranks of the blurred anonymity that is society. No one will prosper and we will all wallow in our demise. Because their is no incentive to make money the economy will stagnate and unemployment will skyrocket. We will truly follow the way of Greece. The political framework will slowly collapse as political supplemental incomes will dry up to nothing. Populations will explode because there are no wars to keep them under control. The world as we know it will end. Paris Hilton and Justin Beiber will be left to begging for their meals. All because now the wealthy have to pay taxes equal to 98% of the world. Hard to believe? I think so.

Taxes will rise on the wealthy and the world will still go around. Nothing will change except the balance of power may be shifted a bit more in the common man’s favor. If you are ignorant to believe that by asking the rich to pay their fair share the world will end you have been drinking too much kool aid.