Boehner and the Republicans stall fiscal cliff progress again

WASHINGTON: As the election cycle comes to an end the American people spoke with resounding force that fixing the fiscal cliff should involve tax cuts on the wealthy. Republicans seemingly bought into the idea striking down their anti tax pledges and committing to work in a bipartisan manner in getting this issue resolved, however today has proven that both parties are loud on words and short on action. A once bright light of promise has now dimmed to the bleakness of impending doom as Republicans once more stand by their insistence on cutting spending without raising taxes on the wealthy.

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R Ohio) seemed someone gloomy after having a call with Obama on Wednesday followed by a face to face with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner the day following. The bid Geithner proposed was Obama’s latest effort to find bipartisan resolve to this neverending crisis. The offer included approximately 1.6 trillion in new revenues by levying a tax on the wealthy while simultaneously cutting spending in a fair and balanced approach.

In this budget included stimulus pork of $50 billion, aid to homeowners underwater in their house payments and unemployment benefit extensions in the amount of $30 billion dollars. The new budget also posed new rules of dealing with raising the debt limit. As you remember this was the the debacle that led to a lowering of our credit rating. A move largely blamed on Republicans unwillingness to compromise.

Boehner was, to say the least, very disappointed. In his mind compromise consists of no give and take just take. With four weeks before the fiscal cliff takes effect, this is no laughing matter. The Republican party needs to begin taking this seriously before these automatic cuts take place sending the economy back into a recession say experts.

Neither party moved from their positions they were previously and Republicans are taking a stand against only raising taxes on the wealthy. These automatic tax increases would affect 98% of the population if something isn’t done soon.

Some think that this is political posturing for a party that is becoming, largely unpopular with the common man, As it stands now if taxes increase on anyone besides the wealthy the Republicans are to blame. This will essentially add a tax hike of over $2,200 to the average household’s tax bill. With 98% of the population at risk for this $2,200 tax increase the Republicans are against the wall and have no where to run.

Republicans no longer have popular support and their arguments against this fair and balanced approach are slowly running out of steam. This political posturing and do nothing congress mentality not only hurts our future, it hurts our image to the rest of the world.

Both sides do agree that a fair and balanced approach needs to be taken to avert this disaster that includes revenue increases as well as spending cuts however the details of that are still a bit unclear. It seems as if the Republicans still insist on balancing the budget on the backs of those that can least afford it so that they can bow to their masters in fur coats.

With this type of persistent name calling and hostage taking  by the Republican party who knows when anything will get done. This may be the beginning of the end of the greatest nation on earth. All because of the bullheadedness of bought and paid for federal officials on capital hill.