Buffet says raise taxes on the rich

Warren Buffet, renowned billionaire and investor, is again renewing his bid to have congress assess taxes on the wealthy. With the fiscal cliff looming and many programs on the chopping block, this Buffet rule would raise much needed capital to avert this debt crisis we are facing.

Buffet, in a recently released op ed is urging congress to compromise on spending cuts and increases on those he coins as the “ultrarich”

Congress, who returned to work after Thanksgiving, will be presented with this op ed in hopes that they make a fair decision when it comes to the looming fiscal cliff. Critics of the buffet rule claim that instigating this type of tax increase will spook investors out of the market. Buffet mocked this idea claiming that in his many years of investing he hasn’t’ seen any sort of tax increases effect the market, ven when capital gains taxes were above 25 percent, well above what they are now.

Buffet serves as the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has been trying to blow the whistle on congress’ treatment of the wealthy for several years. Currently gaining steam President Obama has coined this class warfare as the “Buffet Rule”. This rule seeks to balance the budget in a fair and just manner without causing excess burden on those that can least afford it.

Only time will tell how the fiscal cliff will be dealt with by congress. If Buffet has his way it could mean the “ultrarich” will be paying a lot more in taxes than they do now.