Car Manufacturers Demand for Cut in Hybrid Cars’ Import Taxes

Due to the increasing demand for hybrid cars, LCCI or (Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry) has urged FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) to announce a cut on import taxes of hybrid cars at the earliest date. The president of LCCI, Farooq Iftikhar stated that the switch to hybrid technology can help in minimizing the current load on the CNG and may help the society to save gallons of fuels. This can also assist countries when controlling the supply and demand for fuels.

At present, there are numerous car manufacturers who are developing hybrid cars. It is because the demand for this car is rapidly increasing. Ever since hybrid cars were marketed, car manufacturers have seen a boost on its demand. There are many reasons why many people purchase hybrid cars. One of these reasons is that these cars are much efficient when compared to other non-hybrid autos. These cars can let you save about 40% fuel costs.

Experts said that hybrid cars can be the best way to reduce emissions of carbons and costs of fuel. It may be an advantage or disadvantage to some, but this is a great way to save gas and reduce the price of the gas. However, hybrid cars are a bit costly compared to other types of cars. But, car manufacturers guarantee that consumers won’t regret the day when they’d purchase a hybrid car because it is fuel-efficient. As of now, some governments have already reduced the import taxes of hybrid cars to let consumers enjoy the benefits of owning a fuel-efficient hybrid car.