City Council to Raise Taxes on Pot Club

The City Council of San Jose is deciding to pursue an increase taxes on marijuana to add revenue on the revenue. The decision of the City Council was supported by the residents and city staffs. There are different reasons why people agreed on the tax hike on pot club. According to the statement of a resident, even if marijuana is being used as a medical alternative for treating several illnesses, other individuals especially youths can’t control their selves to abuse it. This is why the number of marijuana addicts is increasing rapidly. With the tax hike on pot club, the percentage of marijuana addicts may reduce because not all teens or youths can afford to purchase pricey items.

The tax hike is not yet implemented, but as soon as everything is settled with the taxes involved, the implementation process will start immediately. Though there are other people who are against with the said tax hike, the City Council explained that this will not just benefit others, but also, this can benefit everyone who is living in the state. The staffs in the committee also added that this may improve the lifestyle in the community. That’s why people who are against it have nothing to worry about.

After the City Council decided to increase taxes on marijuana, there is a legal precedence made and set to regulate or ban marijuana businesses. But, this can be prevented if the taxes on marijuana will increase. The process of implementation of the marijuana tax hike is still on-going in order for them to avoid flaws once the tax hike was implemented.