First Nations University implemented federal income tax changes for payroll deductions

First Nations University has reported that they will start implementing federal income tax changes for their employee payroll deductions. Those employees who work in Prince Albert and Saskatoon will be treated under new federal income tax changes in their next payroll. First Nations University official also told that all the employees from various campuses will go through provincial income tax deductions. New federal income tax will be validated for Regina campus of First Nations University to all other campuses.

New federal income tax changes will start working from January 1, 2013. Workers at Regina campus will continue to exempt from their federal income tax, reported the First Nations University officials. University put the exemption first time in 2003 and now officials have understood that it has been applied too widely. VP of finance, Mr. Juliano Tupone announced that changes will be implemented and they are not going to fight it.  Federal income tax will be based on new income tax brackets for First Nations University employees and new updates will be followed by the University. He added that they are working with the relevant parties to assist their employees as much as possible.

Mr. Tupone said that university administration wants to follow all the tax rules. Later on, a broadcasting company tried to contact the federal government about these updates but they declined to discuss about the issue. Further updates are expected this week once federal government comments about the new tax changes.