Fraud in Federal Tax

The former owner of the Decatur-based racing fuel company, Evan Knoll, has been arrested for violating the conditions of his bond in federal tax. A three page motion was filed October 29, 2012 by Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael A. MacDonald taking Knoll into custody last November1, 2012 in his hometown. He threatened a government witness and asked to return some of his firearms from a friend that is taking care of them. He will be sentenced on November 21, 2012 in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids. July 25, 2012, he pleaded guilty on 1 count of bank fraud and 8 counts of filing a false claim against the government.

Knoll owned several businesses like Services Inc. in Decatur and General Sales. He also had a Knoll Gas, Torco Racing Fuels Inc., EWK, LLC, Knoll Gas Motorsports Inc. and eRaceFuels Inc. it is said that Knoll is claiming for refunds of up to $110 million in federal gasoline excise taxes. It was learned that Knoll had used derogatory names and threatened physical harm against the government witness.

John Karafa, Knoll’s attorney is already aware of this information. According to MacDonald, the federal probation officer contacted the prosecutors saying that Knoll had violated the terms of his bond stating that he does posses firearms or any harmful weapons. MacDonald also said that the person who is in charge of the alleged firearms contacted the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office after Knoll asked to have his firearms back because he is going to sell it. This was granted by U.S. Magistrate Ellen S. Carmody. Knoll is help for federal custody.