GOP seeks to cut Social Security for the poor and middle class

Do Nothing Congress Home Base – Republicans are at it again as today they demanded that any tax hikes on the wealthy must be coupled with a cut in spending on the poor by trimming cost of living increases for Social Security recipients.

Democrats, of course rejected this ludicrous proposal for the Republicans to further gut those most in need. The negotiations on the fiscal cliff continues to no avail. Lawmakers convened in a rare Sunday session that amounted to basically nothing more than a relief society session of nothingness.

Mitch McCconnell in a desperate temper tantrum telephoned the Vice President Joe Biden in hopes that he would come in and facilitate a compromise.

“I’m willing to get this done, but I need a dance partner,” McConnell. “The consequences of this are too high.”

Oddly enough the give and take between parties has been going on for almost a year. In amazement both parties are insistent that they are working alone to save the world…when in reality only one side seems to consider the poor and helpless as individuals worth saving. Needless to say the Democrats consider this move by the Republicans as a step in the wrong direction.

“When Leader Reid received this recent offer he was taken aback and disappointed,” said a Senate Democratic aide granted anonymity to discuss the private talks. “We feel we are further apart than we were 24 hours ago.”

Republicans are already seeking to redefine what is considered wealthy in this country as an individual making over $500,000. They also claim that inheritance taxes must be taken away from the table and that the poor and middle class must sacrifice more to get this deal done.

President Obama offered adjusting the cost of living for social security earlier this month to Republicans as a negotiating chip but unfortunately but not surprisingly talks between the Republicans and the president on this issue fell apart soon after.

Both Democrats and Republicans have been at work *cough cough bullshit* all day trying to come up with a compromise on this issue but no avail. Only time will tell if the Democrats come back with a counteroffer.


The president had initially proposed raising tax rates on the wealthiest 2% of Americans but then later compromised with Republicans to move that bar up to $400,000. Needless to say this compromise wasn’t enough to satisfy the Republican counterparts. Alas the president needed to negotiate once more.

Democrats have been willing to entertain the higher $500,000 income tax threshold Republicans want, but have resisted coupling that with a 35% rate on inheritance taxes for estates valued at more than $5 million. Obama wants the estate tax to rise to 45% on estates above $3.5 million.

With hours left to come to a resolution on the fiscal cliff Obama may just instruct his Democrats to just force the hand of the Republicans and see how this shake out in the House and the Senate along with the American People. Although it seems as if the American people have already voiced their opinions on this matter it may take a fit of outrage for something to get done in this Do Nothing Congress.