Grover Norquist against the world

We have seen enough statistics in our day to realize that most people agree on NOTHING. It is very hard to get consensus on anything. It seems as if the American people would fight over a piece of shit nowadays.

Well a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday has just proven that hell has frozen over and the American people can agree on one thing. HATING GROVER NORQUIST AND HIS STUPID TAX PLEDGE. Yes, that is right 85% percent of voters including 77% of Republicans think that the sacred goat of the Republican Party “not raising taxes on the wealthy” was a BAD BAD IDEA under any condition. What was going on in the Republic Caucus is beyond me but I have a feeling that most of them drank the “gold flake kool aid”

While the Norquist tax pledge wasn’t specifically mentioned. This insignificant figure wedged his way into our life’s with a stupid meaningless pledge that he expects all of his “bromises” to uphold. I have a feeling this Grover person deals with Napoleon Syndrome making himself to be more important than he actually is. I mean he isn’t the president or even an elected official. He is just some scraggly businessman with the balls of the very old in his hands that heads Americans for Tax Reform. . Why may you ask? I do not know. Maybe he has very deep pockets or a very deep throat.

Of course this is all just induction based upon the results of a simple poll question. Still one would argue that maybe this insistence on sheltering the wealthy does have something to do with good ole Grover since the Republicans drop his name every chance they get. Seriously is this guy a celebrity on AMC or something?

This poll question does hint on something much larger than it appears on the surface

Raising taxes on the rich is quite popular among those that aren’t rich. Surprise there ehhh? As a matter of fact 60% of those surveyed support it the other 40% are fans of Justin Beiber and Paris Hilton and don’t want a tax increase to hurt their acting careers.

 Why pollsters neglect on having a polling question is beyond me. Maybe they think this Grover character has had his minute of fame. or maybe with the re election of Barack Obama people are waking up to the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around the wealthy. It is ok for the haves to suffer just as much as the have nots. I mean $250,000 a year could get you quite a pretty lifestyle. I think it is understandable for the wealthy discount riders to being paying their fair share. Lets approach this “fiscal cliff” in a balanced manner because money can only buy you so many votes and politicians. It looks like if the Republicans want to avoid taxing the wealthy they might want to look at updating their playbook from the age of the dinosaurs.