Majority agree to “tax the wealthy”

Washington- A newly released poll released by AP show that the majority are clearly in full support of President Barack Obama’s tax plan proposing raising taxes on the most wealthy Americans. The majority are in favor of increased revenues over cutting services to curb our deficit.

This recent poll should stand as a clear message to overcome the impasse that has plagued negotiations with Republicans and give President Obama the leverage he needs to raise taxes on the wealthy.  48% of those polled want tax cuts to expire for the top 2% earners in this country or those earning $250,000 or more while extending the cuts for the rest of the country.

Recent tides have shifted as more and more folks who want spending cuts only realize that in order to balance the federal budget we need to approach the situation in a balanced approach.

The whole tax dilemma recently surfaced when it was discovered that many millionaires and billionaires were paying less in taxes than a majority of Americans by exploiting loopholes and deductions most of us can only dream about.

Bought and paid for Republicans insist that by raising taxes on the wealthy the economy, run by money hungry capitalists, will seek revenge cutting jobs raising prices on goods and services hurting the country as a whole. Sadly enough I find this truth hard to swallow. I am sure Paris Hilton can make due without another fancy wardrobe purchase or over the top expense. This reporter can’t wait for the day to come when the rich pay their fair share in taxes. The subsidized ride for the wealthy has gone on for too long.