Man in Washington Guilty for Federal Tax Evasion Charge

A man from Washington pleaded guilty this week to federal charges, as he tried to avoid paying income taxes. With the help of the IRS, the man’s crimes were discovered and will be justified.

The guilty man from Washington is 46 year old Peter Ian Turner, who was last recorded to be living in Washington. He pleaded guilty earlier this week in the United States District Court for attempted federal income tax evasion. Turner will now face up to five years in prison, which will be decided upon in his sentence on May 15 by Senior U.S. District Judge Michael Mihm.

According to the reports, the actual account is only for the year 2000. However, he accepted a 21-page plea agreement that was filed in the U.S. District Court, stating that he is required to file corrected tax returns from the year 2004 all the way through 2009 or at least provide substantial reasoning and evidence that those years were filed appropriately and according to the law.

From the reports given, Turner was a pharmacist since 1990 and worked as one until at least the year 2010, according to his plea agreement. At the start of 2000, Turner had stopped filing tax returns to the IRS. Additionally, according to his plea agreement, he attempted to hide the amount of money he made by putting that money, in addition to his property, in the names of acquaintances.

As of now, Turner remains free on bond until his sentence hearing comes up.