Obama : Congress should make “fiscal cliff” deal

In an attempt to avoid the quickly approaching fiscal cliff at year’s end, President Obama curbed his legislative aspirations, and implored Congress to take stopgap measures in order to continue benefits to unemployed workers and prevent a rise in federal income taxes for those individuals making less than $250,000 per year.

By implementing the plan, groundwork should be laid for actions in the upcoming year to encourage economic growth and bring the national debt under control, according to President Obama at a White House news conference.  Unfortunately with federal income taxes set to increase for every American in a matter of days, President Obama admitted that time is just too limited to put into place far-reaching legislation.

Only a day previous to this statement, House Republicans declined an alternative federal income tax advanced by Speaker of the House John Boehner which would have prevented any increase to federal income taxes for those making less than one million dollars a year. It was shot down by conservative who hesitated at the prospect that federal income taxes would rise for approximately 400,00 households.

If a bill were to pass with a threshold of $250,000, federal income taxes would go up for about 3 million American families. Although a compromise between President Obama and Speaker Boehner is most critical for moving talks forward, Senate Democrats said theywould be willing to take on a bigger role in the talks.

Democrats also said they would seek to postpone the spending cuts which would affect the federal agency budgets in the coming month. Both the Democrats and Republicans also want to avoid the alternative minimum federal income tax which would affect millions of new taxpayers this April.