Organizing Your Taxes For 2012

We all love the chance to start a new year with new aspirations going forward. Something about bringing in a New Year when really nothing has changed but the calendar dates. Some things are finalized or closed out and others are opened, as a company who completes the annual business year on the calendar date of 12-31-12. The entire year is reported for income, expenses and items that are amortized, purchased, employee expenditures the whole ball of wax is on the line when the tax year closes. Depending on the scale of your income and expenses you will likely be looking for help to do this. Sometimes you want to make a change of who you lean on to aid you with this important and complex process.

The cataclysmic end of the world did not come as expected by some when the Mayan clock, calendar completed the cycle in December. Some where all prepared they thought to face the three day black-out or whatever other imaginary event they presumed was forthcoming. It all seemed like a bunch of bunk to many, really the Mayan calendar was the visionary group of folks who failed to plan the growth of their society had a handle on the long-term demise of the world as we know it.

Some folks will tell you that the year 2012 was a turning point if not of the obvious Fourth of July type of stature with the big bang and the explosions, fires, hurricanes and other signs of nature. The people some corners believe the turning point was more subtle.  That the turn from the Internet era to the era of coming wisdom. Those people that can jump on this wisdom will separate themselves just as those did that adapted to the Information Age.

Navigate the Necessary Details Plan for Success

The best team in the business is easy to pick out if you look at the track records. The importance of getting the right team together when you have a big job to accomplish is very important. The business of getting your taxes organized for your business or personal is big time stuff. You cannot just gloss over the details and turn your forms in in the same careless manner you turned in your homework in high school. The stakes are so much higher; it involves money and also the penalties associated making errors are ominous.

Many people noticed the discrepancies tagged to the Enron team in the early 2000 time line. The Ken Lay and Jeff Stilling leadership team had some very creative approaches to making the company look good. The way in which they played the wall street brokers like a fiddle was clearly noted. It turned into a huge mess and we can touch on some of the gory details a bit later in this piece; the point is in integrity and philosophy.

Tax attorneys run a tightrope mentality for the clients they present to the Internal Revenue Service. No stone is left unturned and the details are closely calculated. Obviously, the Information Age is part of the puzzle for handling your filings with expediency and accuracy. This will keep your group out of hot water and if entitled you will receive your tax refund earlier than you had expected. Consistent performance over the years has builds up a very prominent client base for many tax attorneys.  When searching for a tax attorney you should do it mostly by referral as they probably have do a very good job and have a broad client base if you are hearing about them.

Goofy Mistakes Costly With IRS

It is true, just because you made some goofy or silly mistake more like an oversight, it will create a Red Flag with an agent. Some of the bigger mistakes may not be malicious but they will be flagged by the agent no doubt. Make a choice that has some legs; when it comes to a business process like filing your corporate or business taxes; use a team that can go to the hole and close the deal for you. It is clearly time to make the right move.

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By Rodney Hall

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