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Judge announces that Yakama tobacco is subject to federal taxes

There was a ruling be a federal judge in Spokane that could possibly open a Yakama Nation tobacco company to tens of millions of dollars of tax liability.

A United States District Judge, Rosanna Malouf Peterson, mentioned last week that King Mountain Tobacco Company was not exempt from paying federal excise taxes on their cigarettes. There was a case that was filed last year in which prosecutors had claimed that the company owes over $23 million in taxes since the year 2009. King Mountain Tobacco had its own reasoning as to why they didn’t pay.

King Mountain Tobacco Company had mentioned in the argument that the federal law bars taxes on income that comes from trust land, like logging or even tobacco growing. The company had also mentioned the 1855 treaty between the Yakamas and the United States government.

Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson mentioned that only a portion of the tobacco that is sold by King Mountain Tobacco Company is grown on the reservation that is mentioned. A majority of the tobacco that is grown to be sold by the King Mountain Tobacco Company is imported from Virginia. This fact obligates the tobacco company to step up and pay the federal taxes that they owe.

As of now, it is not known whether or not the King Mountain Tobacco Company has a response in the argument, but it is looking like they will have to comply with the judge’s orders.






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Lawyer accused of not paying federal income tax for 5 years

A former Whitehall prosecutor, Lumumba Toure McCord, has been recently indicted on charged that state that he failed to file federal tax returns or pay federal income tax for the past five years.

A federal grand jury indicted MCord, also known as Toure McCord, this week on five charges of his failure to file tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The indictment stated that McCord, age 41, of 851 Kenwick Rd. D, made approximately $355,000 in gross income from the years between 2006 and 2010.

McCord was formerly the chief prosecutor for Whitehall in 2000 until he was fired that June after he was arrested on two charges of interfering with custody plans for this 2 year old son. The jury had found McCord not guilty of the charges; however, he was not reinstated to his job in Whitehall for reasons that were not presented to the public, although it is most likely because of the two charges for his interference of custody plans that he had with his son.

McCord has worked as defense attorney for a lengthy 10 years, and has represented quite a number of defendants, especially those in high-profile cases in Franklin County Common Pleas Court. Agents from the Internal Revenue Service have investigated McCord on the tax charges that are going against him. So far, there has not been a set date for McCord’s first appearance in a federal court.


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Voters support federal spending for job programs

Voters have a strong support for the federal job programs, more specifically when the respondents are told that federal tax dollars would fund the programs. From those that were surveyed there were 72% that supported both the jobs program and the infrastructure hiring, and it was also clear that the program would be spending government money.

The public clearly support job creation proposals, and this includes a majority backing of all the party groups. They still support it even when the issue of government spending is brought up in a time when deficit reduction is one of the major priorities for the federal government.

It was reported that three-quarters of Democrats support the tax break for companies that created jobs. Furthermore, over 9 in 10 democrats show support for federal jobs and infrastructure programs. Concerning independents, 78% of them support the tax break, and three quarters of them support the jobs and infrastructure programs.

Republicans are the group most likely to support the tax break, as 88% of them said that they would do so. However, Republicans are a little bit more skeptical of the infrastructure and jobs programs, a majority of them still said that they would be baking the initiatives, even when they were told that it would cost federal tax dollars to do so. In general, both Republicans and Democrats will more than likely support federal spending for job programs, even if it’s known that government money will have to be spent in order to do so.





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Posted by Taxmaster - June 30, 2013 at 8:42 pm

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