Tax Code Tweaked

The revised tax code is already a step closer to reality last Monday night at a city council meeting. The amendment’s goal is to lessen the regulations for landlords. The council approved the 2nd reading of the revised penal code. The code has not been revised since 1964. The amendment states that landlords are required to report quarterly the names of their tenants. This was suggested by Councilman Sherrie Curtis wherein the landlord must file the report by the time they renew their license or when they have new tenants.

Linda Ziegler, Ohio Avenue resident, added that landlords should only include adults in their tenant reports. Before the ordinance will be adopted, it will still have to undergo one more reading. It will be rediscussed at finance committee meetings at 11 a.m. November 13 and 6 p.m. November 19, before the regular council meeting. The chairman of the committee, Curtis, urges everyone who have comments to attend the meeting on November 13 session.

Ziegler and Brian Kerr, both Ohio Avenue resident, states that the addition of an agreement that gas and oil lease royalties are subject to taxing is not necessary. They said that not so much amount can be generated from these royalties within the city limits. Ryan Stovall, former council member and headed the tax code revision said that they need to do it if that what it takes to get the updated code passed. He emphasized that taxes are paid on gambling income but they are not trying to get rich from these royalties.