Taxpayer Advocates Call the Attention of the Government to Drop Taxes on Gas

Taxpayer advocates are calling the attention of the government to drop the taxes on gas to stop the suffering of the drivers and other vehicle owners. These advocates stated that there are still numbers of drivers who pay for about $15 whenever they fill up. According to the persons involved in this news, gas taxes will continue to rise if people responsible for the increase of taxes will not check the factors that affect the sudden increase on taxes.

Taxpayer advocates are not the only one who suffers from the sudden increase on gas. The drivers of public vehicles are also whining because they said that the increase on gas taxes is upsetting. In fact, other residents of Alberta, where gas came from, stated that they must be paying low cost or cheaper gas taxes compared to other Americans out there.

Taxpayer advocates want the governments to be transparent when it comes to the taxes they get from the consumers. They think that is the best way for them to see the real calculations on how taxes on gas increase or decrease.

As of now, the increase on gas taxes is still the same. Although there are few reductions on the taxes, taxpayer advocates don’t think that the deduction is enough because after several weeks of dropping taxes on gas, the tax increase twice than before. The government has reasons why they can’t just drop gas taxes and taxpayers must understand the reason behind that no matter what.