Voters support federal spending for job programs

Voters have a strong support for the federal job programs, more specifically when the respondents are told that federal tax dollars would fund the programs. From those that were surveyed there were 72% that supported both the jobs program and the infrastructure hiring, and it was also clear that the program would be spending government money.

The public clearly support job creation proposals, and this includes a majority backing of all the party groups. They still support it even when the issue of government spending is brought up in a time when deficit reduction is one of the major priorities for the federal government.

It was reported that three-quarters of Democrats support the tax break for companies that created jobs. Furthermore, over 9 in 10 democrats show support for federal jobs and infrastructure programs. Concerning independents, 78% of them support the tax break, and three quarters of them support the jobs and infrastructure programs.

Republicans are the group most likely to support the tax break, as 88% of them said that they would do so. However, Republicans are a little bit more skeptical of the infrastructure and jobs programs, a majority of them still said that they would be baking the initiatives, even when they were told that it would cost federal tax dollars to do so. In general, both Republicans and Democrats will more than likely support federal spending for job programs, even if it’s known that government money will have to be spent in order to do so.