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The Grand Old Party or the Republican Party is one of the two major political parties in the United States of America; their views are conservative in nature and are traditionally opposite to those of the Democratic Party. The views of the Republican Party are more ardent in the protection of states’ rights over federalization in accordance with the belief of the 50 states acting as individual experiments in the pursuit of democracy. Although the Republican Party predominantly believes in states’ rights over federal control there are those who are highly religious in the Republican Party that adheres to dogmatic traditions and policies that belie certain constitutional rights. For the most part the Republican Party is made up of an older mature audience; this does not mean however that there are no young republicans it simply means that those younger members are mentally mature.

Some of the Issues

Although Republican Party members are free to have their own political beliefs there are usually certain ideologies that the vast majority of the party will adhere to. These beliefs are usually steeped in their conservative ideologies and will usually influence the way they react to certain issues. Young Republicans are usually the ones that have liberal ideas due to their exposure to liberal teachings from the media and schooling.

The Second Amendment


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The Second Amendment of the United States of America states that American citizens have the right to bear arms, republican party member or not, meaning they can own firearms to protect their property. One of the main reasons that the second amendment exists in the United States is as a safeguard against a tyrannical government. The founding fathers knew of this and as such believed that arming the common people would grant them the power to stand up for their country should it ever be threatened by a tyrannical dictatorship or a government that has ceased to represent the populace in the way the people wish to be governed. Republican Party members believe that the second amendment is a God given right and will usually opt for less gun control. It is the belief of most members of the Republican Party that all legal American citizens should have the right to protect themselves and their property. In this belief system that either limits or does away with gun control laws it is believed that in areas with strict gun control the law abiding citizens are the ones that suffer. This is due to the fact that criminals do not follow the law and will carry guns anyway; the people who are truly punished are the ones that cannot own guns. The Republican Party understands that although the police force is highly trained and very professional they cannot be everywhere to protect every person, this is why people should have the right to bear arms. Although there is some debate within the republican national committee as to how much gun control should be enacted and enforced, usually this is constrained to dealing with weapons too dangerous for common people to wield such as fully automatic machine guns and rocket launchers.



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The Republican Party’s view of health care is based on private citizens receiving insurance from private institutions usually through their employers or other private means. The single payer health care model is greatly opposed by members of the Republican Party as they see it as a form of socialism that gives too much control to the federal government over the population. It is also believed that the single payer health care model is greatly flawed and can either bankrupt a nation or lower the quality of healthcare. A nation can be bankrupted by a single payer health care model due to the logistical dilemma on the amount of money necessary to pay for such services. Conversely however to keep a nation under socialized healthcare plan from going bankrupt doctors and other professional healthcare providers must be paid less. When health care providers are given lower wages the drive to become better in these fields is often adversely affected and will lower the quality of care. Healthcare should be on the mind of young republicans as this will greatly affect the way they receive health care in the future. The republican national committee and the Republican Party in general are largely against any form of socialized health care.


The Republican Party for the most part believes that although welfare is necessary to catch those who cannot get help it should be largely left to private institutions such as churches and other religious organizations. The Republican national committee, Republican Party, as well as the young republicans usually believes that these institutions that give aid to the downtrodden and helpless should be given tax cuts and other government incentives, but the government itself should have little to no role in welfare.



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