Higher taxes for the new fiscal year

July 1st marks the start of a new fiscal year for most states in America, and a couple of changes related to taxes and penalties have been implemented.

Monona, Wisconsin

A law has been implemented which focuses solely on bullies and their parents. The act of bullying ranges from schoolyard fights to cyber bullying. Offenders will have to pay $114 on the first offense, and $177 for any succeeding offenses. This law encompasses kids aged 12 and over; in some extreme cases, parents of kids less than age 18 may also be fined for their child’s behaviour. The fines, referred to as “bullying taxes” are just one of the many that are expected to be implemented in the state.


Slower drivers on the fast lane need to watch their rear views more often to ensure they are not stalling cars behind them. Florida’s “road rage” law makes it illegal for cars to drive more than 10 miles below the speed limit if another car is trailing them.

According to Lt. Jeff Frost of Florida Highway Patrol, a violation of this kind will appear the same way as a speeding ticket – and in effect could lead to a higher insurance bill and taxes.

On the other states, shopping also takes a hit. In Arkansas, consumers will be slapped an additional 0.5% in sales taxes, bringing the state’s taxes to 6.5%. For a $600 gadget, this means an additional $3 on the bill. Furthermore, online shopping also takes a hit. In Minnesota, consumers will now be charged higher sales taxes on online purchases.  A $9.99 game will cost an additional 69 cents on sales taxes.