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Five Ways To Avoid IRS Tax Problems

From business people and entrepreneurs to college students, individuals from all walks of life can feel overwhelmed when confronted with IRS tax problems. However, don’t panic if you get into a bit of trouble with the government; through the help of dedicated professionals, you can efficiently deal with these problems. Here are five ways to avoid serious tax problems this season.

1. File Returns Regardless of Personal Circumstances

Individuals need to file tax returns, even if they feel they have earned no taxable income. Some people go for years without filing returns. These misguided individuals may feel that if they’ve lasted so long without facing disaster that they can continue for years to come. Regardless of individual circumstances, not filing tax returns is a prosecutable federal crime. IRS agents have a habit of waiting until people are comfortable before moving in with swift, decisive action.

2. Pay Tax Bills on Time

The best way to avoid tax problems is to pay taxes fully and in a timely fashion. Beyond simply paying late fees and penalties, late payers increase their likelihood of facing audit. The IRS uses a software algorithm to influence its random selections of taxpayers for auditing. While the IRS naturally keeps details of this algorithm secret, any taxpayer actions that hint at noncompliance can likely cause problems.

3. Find Professional Tax Help

Fortunately, experienced accountants and tax attorneys have mastered plenty of techniques for guiding their clients avoid tax headaches. These attorneys can help people negotiate settlements with the IRS. Without these settlements, people can struggle with burdensome tax liens on their properties and possessions.

4. Communicate With the IRS

Individuals with tax problems should continue communicating with the IRS, no matter how unpleasant these interactions may become. Without adequate communication, the IRS may take drastic action by issuing levies. Levies are direct, enforceable requests for money from banks or other responsible institutions. For example, the IRS serves levies to banks to tap bank accounts for unpaid taxes. The IRS generally only issues levies when taxpayers are totally non-compliant.

5. Understand the Authority of the IRS

Some taxpayers simply postpone IRS negotiations with honorable intentions to comply at later times. Many assume that tax bills are subject to statues of limitations and are waiting until their problems disappear. Remarkably, the IRS is not bound by any statute of limitations. The IRS has tremendous power to seize homes, cars and all other assets. The tax authority continually gains new powers to harass and hound taxpayers. By exercising prudence and utilizing professional help, taxpayers can usually avoid IRS tax problems.

This is simply some advice to help you stay out of IRS tax problems, not a solicitation for legal services or tax help.

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By Jordan Mallory, a single mom with experience working in taxes who writes as a hobby on the side.


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Posted by Taxmaster - May 9, 2013 at 7:54 pm

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Trained Volunteers Can Help You Prepare Taxes

It’s almost always a good thing to start filing your income taxes at the start of each year. It’s even better if you get lucky and give your bank account a nice little push by getting a refund from the federal or state government.

Let’s face it; tax time is always a stressful time of the year, not to mention frustrating. It seems like the methods of how to go about it are always changing. It’s always a hassle to find out if you have filed everything correctly, and if you have fully maximized your return. We all want to save a few bucks by doing taxes ourselves; however, dealing with your taxes on your own may cost you in the big picture.

During this tax season, know that you have the option of having your taxes prepared for no charge at all by trained volunteers. This will save you time, money and the stress of having to deal with your taxes on your own. This is the 5th consecutive year that volunteers have offered this very convenient option, so take advantage of it.

There are some rules set for the volunteers. They may assist senior citizens with homestead credit and any individual with an annual gross income of less than $58,000 in filing their state and/or federal income taxes. These volunteers are only able to help in filing personal income taxes only. There are not able to assist in preparing any other type of taxes for you, as it’s part of their policy.




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Posted by Taxmaster - March 10, 2013 at 9:31 pm

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Florida Prisoner Caught Filing Fraudulent Federal Income Tax Returns

It seems that prison isn’t a good enough reason to keep you from cheating on your federal income tax.

WJHG (Source Below) has reported that Michael William Joseph III, an inmate of the Apalachee Correctional Institution in Florida, has pleaded guilty for filing fraudulent federal income tax returns to the IRS. This wouldn’t be Joseph’s first conviction of tax fraud, however. He has been serving time for faking federal income tax returns dating all the way back to 2006.

Prison, however, hasn’t kept Joseph from trying to scam the government with some fake federal income tax returns. He had filled out a series of tax forms with fabricated amounts of income and deductions. He had used the identities of his co-inmates in order to validate his returns. The illegitimately refunded federal income tax would then be deposited to various accounts he had control over.

What had tipped off Joseph’s tax scam was the size of his illegal refunds. Joseph had sought a total of nearly $180,000 in federal income tax returns. For a time it seemed that Joseph had managed to pull his scheme off when the government cashed him out for an alleged $50,000.

But investigators quickly got wind of his scam and successfully retrieved over $17,500 of the unlawfully refunded federal income tax from his personal bank account. An additional $11,600 was found in the mother’s ex-husband’s backyard.

The fifty three year old Joseph was indicted on various charges including but not limited to filing false federal income tax returns. Other charges include theft and mail fraud, amounting to a prison sentence of up to twenty years.



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Posted by Taxmaster - February 25, 2013 at 9:29 pm

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