Nevada Tax

Nevada State Tax

Nevada Income Tax

Las Vegas is famous for its hotels and entertainment. It is one of the cities and counties which adhere to the Nevada state tax laws. The Nevada state government taxes a number of economic transactions such as purchases of goods and services, lease, businesses, and acquirement of properties. Nevada state tax laws are regulated by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

Nevada is one of the seven states that do not levy income tax. However, it has property tax, sales tax, use tax, excise tax, and modified business tax.

Nevada Property Tax

Nevada properties are assessed by local county appraisers. The amount of property tax to be paid is determined by multiplying the assessed fair market value with the county property tax rate. Each county has its own local property tax rate. The average rate collected in Nevada is 0.84% of the property’s market value. Nevada is ranked 24out of 50 in terms of the amount of property tax collected each year.

Nevada Sales Tax

Nevada levies tax on the sale of certain services and tangible personal properties. The state sales tax in Nevada is 6.85%, but the total sales tax paid may vary to up to 8.1% after surtax. Counties and cities impose up to 1.25% local sales tax in addition to over 250 special sales tax jurisdictions in the state. Alcohol, tobacco, and insurance premiums are subject to excise taxes on top of the state and local sales tax in Nevada.

Nevada collects 6.85% use tax on online and out-of-state purchases. However, use tax is not collected if the purchaser has paid sales tax in another state.