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Even when the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS introduced the e-file, where you can do tax filing and even federal tax and state tax paying over the internet, people still fail to pay their taxes, on time. The government may have much to improve on information dissemination, yet it is never an excuse for the taxpayer. It will always be your responsibility to know when to pay taxes because it will also be you who will suffer the consequences.

 The Exact Date

The deadline for filing this year’s payment for federal tax is scheduled next year. For 2011 federal tax, it was supposedly paid on April 17, 2012. You could expect that the due date for 2012 federal tax will be set also on the start of the second quarter, which includes the months April, May and June, of 2013.

In order to know the deadlines of state taxes will also be found on the IRS site. State tax deadlines depend on which state you live in. The variations on state tax payment depend on the state’s holidays and of they impose state taxes.

Tax filing also differs for individuals, corporations and partnerships. For individuals, you have to check on series 1040; corporations on 1120 and partnerships on 1065.

 To File and not to Extend

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Extensions are one of the main reasons why people get confused because they see a lot of dates when they ask for the tax filing due date. Remember that when you pay your federal tax on April 17, you also file your income tax return. When you get an extension, it does not mean that you extend payment for federal tax. It means, you extend tax filing for your income tax return. If you filed for an extension for your individual federal tax, which means you filled up the IRS form 4868, you will have to tax filing 6 months after the deadline set on October 15 of this year. The same goes for the extension on state tax and corporate tax. Partnerships who file for an extension have to pay five months later.

 Date Confusion


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Usually, the IRS sets the tax filing due date on the 15th of April of each year. What is for payment of 2011 federal tax, is that it was scheduled on the 17th of April which confused a lot of Americans. It is written on the IRS website that when the deadline of tax filing, which will always be April 15, falls on a Sunday, you have to pay on Monday, April 16. However, Monday is Emancipation Day, a holiday for the state of Washington. Technically, it is only during federal holidays that the IRS should move tax filing and payment of federal tax.

To segue a bit on the value of Emancipation day, it is the day when the late President Abraham Lincoln declared the freedom or emancipation of the slaves of the District of Columbia.

 You’ve Got a Date to Pay


Even though April 15 is easy to remember as the IRS due date, the Sundays and holidays that comes along with other circumstances confuse the taxpayers. In order to overcome the confusion, the best thing to do is tax filing way before the deadline. As paying and filing for state tax and federal tax have become less than a burden or you, the responsibility to pay it on time and even before the deadline increases. The IRS provides incentives to those who can file and pay their federal tax beforehand. It means less work for them, and more tax breaks for you. What you can do is make sure you are able to do your job of paying your taxes on the first quarter of next year or better yet before the year ends.

 Stop the Habit

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A lot of people have the habit of doing their job during the last minute. Perhaps the pressure makes them work, or maybe the job becomes their priority only during the due date. The same mentality goes with paying taxes. The time off from work may have deter people from paying taxes during working hours and have made then prefer to pay federal tax and tax filing on the due date itself.

Americans as well as all other people of the world flock the Internal Revenue office during the due date. Now that the IRS has their e-filing system, taxpayers flock the site also during the deadline. Even though logging on the website need not to use time off from work, still taxpayers wait for the deadline to do it. Now is your time to be different.

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