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It doesn’t matter if the taxpayer is rich or poor, when it is time for tax filing, the calculated deductions on earnings that are taxable can put a dent on an individual’s wallet, especially during fiscal time. To alleviate the pain of paying a large amount for both federal tax and state tax, there’s a solution created to allow people to reduce their tax liabilities.In the world of taxation, there’s a sheltering method used to lessen the sting of what federal tax and state tax pay-outs brings and these are tax shelters.

Tax shelter is a form of tax breaks. It is method used by both rich and poor individuals to reduce their taxable income and worked their way around tax laws depending on the country they reside in. It is designed for the sole purpose of avoiding or lessening taxes. Tax shelters can be viewed as investments like in pension plans, real estate or charitable institutions. Investment losses can also be considered to reduce federal tax and state tax.


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, a slang term used to denote anything that can reduce federal tax and state tax. It also includes tax deduction, tax credit and tax exemption. Tax breaks are created based on social objectives or helping out citizens and/or taxpayers. These tax breaks are designed to induce good behavior. However, using tax shelters will depend upon the local and international tax laws if we are talking about legalities as some are considered illegal in some countries and some are tolerated.

The general principle behind tax shelters is to recover more than a dollar in tax for every dollar spent within a period of four years. However, in recent years, more and more people are coming up with ways in manipulating tax shelters to get out of paying federal tax and state tax. Because of this, tax shelters had now become associated with fraud as many abuse its use.

Just to evade paying enormous amounts of state tax and federal tax, individuals resort to illegally putting money on offshore companies, transferring funds to offshore accounts under another name, etc. Some countries offer less tax for some items compared to other countries and people grab this chance to invest so when it is time for tax filing, they can declare a lower amount of income. Investing on offshore companies is quite legitimate unless the intent is to evade paying federal tax and state tax.

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Abusive tax schemes include all violations against the Internal Revenue Code and related statutes worldwide. Schemes that reduce state tax and federal tax usually uses trusts, Limited Liability Partnerships or LLPs, Limited Liability Companies or LLCs, offshore or foreign financial accounts, offshore credit or debit cards, International Business Companies or IBCs and many other similar ways. Tax evaders use multi-layer transactions to conceal their intent. Appropriating erroneous tax breaks are also considered fraud and these cases are dealt with and monitored by the Internal Revenue Service or IRS in the United States and some other equivalent organization in other countries.

Fraud is a federal offense based on violation against the tax code and is therefore punishable by law. Cases can sometimes be short or can drag on for years in the judicial court and sometimes get media attention especially when large corporations are involved.

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Today, the U.S. judicial courts have ways to stop abusive tax sheltering activities made to escape paying federal tax and state tax, which is based on the provisions laid out by the United States Internal Revenue Code. There are five doctrines they can use to combat abusive tax breaks. These are: Substance Over Form Doctrine, Step Transaction Doctrine, Business Purpose Doctrine, Sham Transaction Doctrine and Economic Substance Doctrine. These doctrines have basically the same concept, and that is to invalidate any transaction made that would follow through with a result that is contradictory to the intent or the general structure of the tax code provisions.

Some tax shelters might be helpful to taxpayers, especially those that wisely invest earnings to lucrative projects to lessen their federal tax and state tax. There are many options available that can help individuals invest their earnings legally to save on tax. Finance managers, accountants and even IRS agents can help.

Questionable federal tax and state tax reductions had been a problem for most government collecting entities, especially in recent years as people devise more complex ways in manipulating tax shelters to reduce their taxable income. Because of this, billions of dollars are lost due to misuse of tax shelters every year.

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