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Tax Avoidance – Time To Name And Shame?

Much has been made over recent months about aggressive tax avoidance schemes and the types of companies and individuals who enter into them.  As the media has seemingly started to try to ‘name and shame’ those promoting the scheme, as well as some of their higher profile participators (such as Jimmy Carr), is the next step to publicise other individuals and companies who become involved in such strategies?  There seems to be a suggestion that those entering into tax avoidance schemes are somehow immoral.  But is this a fair assumption to make? Consider the generation of people who have never worked and have milked the welfare system for every penny.   Is it fair to name and shame those who have made their money, contributed to the country’s coffers and who want to keep some money back for themselves?

It is widely reported that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) loses out on £5billion of revenue a year as a result of tax avoidance schemes and the exploitation of loopholes.  Despite efforts to try to stem the flow of such schemes, with specialist anti-avoidance teams in place across the UK, there is no doubt the ’boutique’ firms are still peddling their wares.

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee has recently reported that HMRC is failing when dealing with the ’boutique’ tax practices in more ways than one.  Inefficiency within HMRC when dealing with such matters means that it can take a long time before a scheme can be closed.  As such, scheme promoters will use this as leverage when selling schemes to their clients.   For the taxpayer, they are sold a scheme on the basis that if it works then they will not pay tax at all.  If it fails, then they have delayed paying the tax.

For companies and individuals, this is extremely tempting when it comes to making the choice between making payment to HMRC as required or retaining the funds (even if temporarily) for themselves.  Cash flow has become prevalent as the economy continues to struggle.

The committee advised that there needs to be more of a deterrent, for the firms selling the schemes and those entering into them.  One suggestion is that the scheme providers and participators should be publicised on a list or ‘named and shamed’.  However, there is a strong argument that this is contrary to the rights of the individuals involved.

As well as this, it would be difficult to judge which schemes should be listed.  There is a big grey area between normal, run of the mill tax mitigation planning and the aggressive tax schemes which are under fire.  Mistakes could be made which could ruin the reputation of those perceived to be involved in ‘aggressive’ tax planning as part of a name and shame campaign.  This grey area, whereby people seek to plan for their taxes within the realms and intention of tax legislation, would need to be protected.

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