Republican Crash

The election message should have rang out loud and clear to top ranking Republicans that the American people would much rather prefer to let the wealthy make a sacrifice this time around to divert falling off the fiscal cliff…seeing as how we have one of the largest income gaps in US history. President Obama hears this message loud and clear and he will be darned if he gives them an inch on what the American people want. Now the GOP facing the blame game for this issue and beyond must walk on eggshells to determine the best way to avert a whitewash of their party and a political comeback for the forthcoming elections.

Now it seems as if the republicans are backed into a corner left to the will of Mr. Obama trying to save face under the public eye while trying to fight for tax cuts for their constituency. Mr. Boehner has felt his ranks falling out from under him as rationality takes over conformity. It seems as if the only chance the Republicans have to recoup their losses is give up on the tax hikes for the wealthy and try to look amiable when entitlements are on the table without looking like the bad guy…which is quite a tough sell since they are rallying against the popular vote.

One by one the rank and file slowly fall out of line and realign with the American People. Bob Corker, a Tennessee Senator just recently made his case on Fox News that these tax cuts will allow for congress to ” shifts to entitlements and maybe it puts us in a place where we actually can do something that really saves the nation.”

Is this just wishful thinking on the Republican’s part? Now with Republican’s on the run maybe Mr. Obama won’t back down on entitlements needed so desperately by the middle class. Maybe, just maybe, he will turn his laser focus on trimming the bloated defense budget that has been growing for too long. Maybe with his newfound power he will finally revise the tax system further refining the tax brackets for the wealthy. The Republicans hope that this small sacrifice will make them stronger in the long run but I say that Grover and all of the anti tax Republicans will take note of this fact and the party will hurt as a result. F

But what of the Republicans threats of raising the tax on the wealthy will only lead to economic demise and the fall of the great United States? Well with the rich paying their fair share we will finally see the reality of this statement. If raising taxes on the wealthy doesn’t hurt growth or small businesses..what argument will the Republicans have to stand on. Even their own party is beginning to question the very foundation the Republicans sit on. Because we all didn’t fall in line with the Romney vision of servitude does that mean that the core principles of the Republican party are at stake. Only time will tell.